The association serves as a forum to bring together people of African descent and friends of Africa in Madison and Wisconsin in general, and seek to promote development programs in Africa. We provide services that will promote and encourage the collective cultural, social, educational and economic welfare of its membership and the community as well as safeguard the diverse African heritages and traditions inherent in the rich cultures of the continent, and serve as a medium to disseminate these heritages and traditions to the Wisconsin community.
Any person, organization or institution subscribing to the purposes and objectives of the association may become a member by paying the designated annual dues. At AAM, we do not discriminate our membership on the basis of race, sex, ethnic background, origin, religion or nationality.
Membership dues are payable on an annual basis. The Board of Directors shall set and determine the dues, benefits, roles and responsibilities of members, organizations and institutions of the association, unless otherwise specified in these by-laws. Payment of dues for the Association's current fiscal year shall constitute paid-up membership, the only category of membership in good standing in the Association, herein after referred to as member(s). Membership in this Association is not transferable.
The membership year shall be the same as the fiscal year of the Association. Membership dues already paid are not refundable.
Any member in default in payment of dues for more than 6 months shall be suspended from all privileges of membership, and if after notice the default is not cured within a period of 60 days, the membership of that member shall automatically terminate.
Memberships benefits: The privilege to (i) vote and (ii) be voted for, (iii) nomination of other members for board membership, and (iv) favorable discounts and dispensation for the association’s products, services, activities, programs and events.
Members have the right to nominate candidates for election to the Board of Directors, and cause the entire Board or individual member(s) of the Board to be removed, and request business at the annual meeting of the association. Nominations of persons for election to or from the Board of Directors of the association and proposal(s) of business to be considered by the association at the annual meeting may be made pursuant to the association notice procedures set forth by provisions of these by-laws.
Removal from Membership -- Any member may be removed from membership by a majority vote of the members in good standing present at any annual meeting or special meeting called for the purpose, if the said member has engaged in acts of conduct detrimental to the purposes, objectives, programs or activities of the association. However the member shall have first been notified of the accusations and shall have been given an opportunity to be heard by the Board of Directors before the vote on removal.  
Interested in membership of African Association of Madison, Inc.?  Join today!
Complete the attached form Membership Application Form available for download and send it along with a check to the address on the form.  Membership Type:
  • Individual Adult               $25.00
  • Non Profit/Govt.               $50.00
  • Corporate                        $100.00 


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