Board Committees


Chair: Ray Kumapayi
Members: John Tembei, George Conduah, Vickie Ostien, Chris Jimieson, Jon Gramling, Djodjo Amorin, Victor Narwortey, Ana Vakunta.

1. Design and Implementation of Africa Fest

a: Mobilize Africa Fest Steering Committee.
b: Negotiate and conclude contract with Africa Fest Consultant.
d: Prepare and present Africafest Budget for BOD approval.
e: Design and mobilize country organizations support for Africa Fest Programs.
f: Design overall Africa Fest Program
g: Recruite sub-committees as necessary
h: Coordinate marketing and advertisement
i: Implement Africafest fundraising activities.
j. Provide overall management of Africa Fest day.
k: Carry out evaluation of Africa Fest and report to BODs.

                                          PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT & MACON

Chair: John Tembei
Members: Ray Kumapayi
1. "Planning Committee shall include planning, development, coordination and evaluation of the Associations's projects and programs." (7.3.2)
2. Work with each Committee Chair in the design and documentation of Committee plans.
3. Design and implement evaluations of AAM programs, services and activities.
4. Coordinate MACON meetings and support for AAM Programs
5. Document and maintain BOD policies and procedures.
6. "Submit quarterly reports to the BOD", or more frequently as BOD requires. (7.2)
Chair: George Conduah
Members: Vickie Ostien, Tunji Lesi, Ray Kumapayi
1. "The Finance Committee shall be responsible for the budgetary, fiscal and financial affairs of the association." (7.3.1)
2. "Submit quarterly reports to the BOD", or more frequently as BOD requires. (7.2)
3. Have annual audit performed and presented to BOD.
4. The Treasurer shall manage all cash flow transactions.
5. Periodically review accounting system and maintain documented instructions on system
6. Design, document, and implement Raffle system for Africa Fest and other AAM events.
Chair: Fathiya Issa
1. "The Committee shall be responsible for developing and implementing membership strategies, setting goals, establishing priorities and planning activities for securing retaining and servicing members and the community." (7.3.3)
2. Coordinate membershp programs and services.
3. Design and document an African Community directory for AAM territory.
4. "Submit quarterly reports to the BOD", or more frequently as BOD requires (7.2)
5. "Shall coordinate and disseminate to the general public, information concerning the association and its activities." (7.3.3) - includng membership brochure & promotional material.
Chair: Ray Kumapayi
Members: Board Members, Godwin Amegashie
1. Design, document and present to BOD Communications/Public Relations strategy.
2. Review and redesign as needed the AAM newsletter.
3. Establish and maintain a regular schedule for publishing the newsletter and distribution to members  and other interested parties as approved by the BOD.
4. Design and print AAM informational brochures as needed. (Membership Com.)
5. Design and document the AAM Annual Report. 
6. In collaboration with the Public Relations Committee design overall communications and public relations strategy.
7. Design and have printed all Africa Fest materials including, flyers, posters, booklets, etc.
8. Carry out annual evaluation of printed material, revise as necessary and approved by BOD.


Chair: Thomas Adeetuk
Members: Ama Mohammed, Kennedy Adeetuk, Jimmy Cheffen
1. Develop and maintain on-going relations with the school systems in the area.
2. Ensure that all eligible African students and their families are fully informed of the UW "People's Program" and other support programs to assist students in HS and College.
3. Organize a graduation award event for all graduates
4. Coordinate the promotion, marketing & implementation of the "Ubuntu" Mentoring Program.
1. Design, for BODs approval, a scholarship program for High School Students.
2. Based on the approved BOD "Scholarship" Program ensure communication of the program to members/local school systems/public.
3. Manage the scholarship program.
4. Design and implement the celebration for Graduates and presenation of certificates & Scholarhsips.
5. In collaboration with Fundraising Committee, implement fundraising activities for Scholarships.
Chair: Ben Blaogogee
1. Carry out a comprehensive review of the AAM constitution.
2. Request BOD members to provide review comments.
3. Document review and recommendations and present to BOD.
4. Lead discussion and review process and document final draft of revised constitution.
5. Ensure BOD makes final decisions on revisions.
6. Prepare documents for members review and voting at next annual general meeting. (8.1)
Chair: Kazeem Sennuga
Members: Godwin Amegashie, Bunmi Kumapayi, Leslie Anegashie
1. Design and document an annual schedule for Special Events programs.
2. With support of MACON members, organize the AWA/AAM family picnic.
3. Maintain ongoing relations with UW ASA & MATC ASA to ensure AAM support of both ASAs and to encourage their participation with AAM.
4. Design and implement the AAM "End-of-Year" party.
5. Coordinate other social/special events that may be scheduled during the year.
Chair: TBA
1. Initiate a BOD evaluation of the current AAM website.
2. Contract with apporpriate professional to design and implement an AAM website based on BOD specifications, including Public, Member only and Board only segments.
3. Carry out an ongoing evaluation of the AAM website to ensure the easy flow of information to Board Members and where approprite to the general public.
4. Train BOD members in use of all aspects of the web site.
5. Manage the AAM list serv, establish protocols for use and ensure compliance with protocols. 


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